Namaste & welcome!

This is a tiny website with very little space for words. So here's the short version about me and what I do for others:

I'm a copywriter and brand consultant.
I specialize in brand development and strategic campaigns. Powerful experiences where words, visuals and creative ideas play together in bringing brands and products to life.

Or even shorter: I help real brands connect with real humans.

I'm based in Berlin but work with cool clients & agencies worldwide.

Scroll down for a quick overview of a few selected projects. I'm happy to send you an in-depth portfolio, all you have to do is shoot me an email.

Recent projects

Royal Copenhagen

2022 holiday campaign.

Tagline & campaign copy.

Copy excerpt:
"... We all know these scenes by heart. How they feel and unfold, taste and smell. And Royal Copenhagen is part of them, setting the stage for heart-warming holiday moments."

Agency: e-Types


Tagline and core story for award-winning skin care brand.

Copy excerpt:

"... Inspired by its Nordic heritage, Jorgobé celebrates natural beauty aesthetics inside and out. From vegan ingredients to elegant sustainable packaging, less but better is the philosophy that brings everything together."


Brand writing for Swedish sartorial label, Blank Atelier.

Collaborators: Homework, Studio Tokant & Jacob Lindblad

LEO Pharma

Brand positioning, Tone of Voice and new tagline for global pharmaceutical company.

Agency: Gottlieb & Co


Concept development, brand writing, case stories, and much more for the re-launch of


Full brand development and naming for precision skincare company, Guéri.

Project partners: Jacob Lindblad and Tokant.


Confident statements for a confident brand.

Design by Homework


Brand writing and tagline for global re-launch of renowned Danish lighting company.

Copy excerpt:

"From dark to bright and back again. Lighting a room is a delicate matter of creating and balancing the perfect lightscape – a complex interplay between light, the physical surroundings and your desired ambience."

Agency: e-Types

Office Club

Brand storytelling for Denmark's most exclusive workspaces.

Copy excerpt:

"How do we cultivate the ultimate work experience with a professional environment that fosters connections, conversations, and community?
How do we design a pleasant place for work – and a place that just works?
These were our founding questions. Office Club became our answer."

OTTO Copenhagen

Brand development, naming and strategic consultancy for online eyewear brand.



Playful copywriting for a playful brand. New brand book for global leader in playground equipment.

Agency: e-Types


Brand development and copywriting for sustainable burger joint.

Agency: Gottlieb & Co

Bang & Olufsen

Product and campaign copy for the bestselling Beoplay A1 bluetooth speaker.

Royal Unibrew

Brand development, concept and naming for Craft Makers Collective. A new direct-to-consumer e-venture within Royal Unibrew.


Danish localization copy of European brand campaign for Tinder.

Agency: KemmlerKemmler

UZ Energy

Brand development, strategy, and communication for Chinese technology company.

Design: Jacob Lindblad

Bang & Olufsen

Concept development and copywriting for global ad campaign.

Agency: e-Types

Into This Place

Brand development, naming and copywriting for vacation rental company.

Design: Jacob Lindblad

Bang & Olufsen

Campaign words for world product premiere at Salone del Mobile 2019.


Brand writing for Danish e-mobility company.

Agency: e-Types

BC Hospitality Group

Distilling the purpose and passion for Denmark's leading hospitality company.